Wednesday THRIVEFest


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Wednesday THRIVEFest – 3 X 3 TOURNAMENT provide players with the flexibility to either form their own teams or join teams organized by the event organizers. This format can vary depending on the specific event and its rules. Here’s a general overview of how such a 3 x 3 basketball tournament might work:

Team Formation

Players can choose to form their own teams with friends or individuals they know. Alternatively, players who don't have a pre-arranged team can sign up individually, and event organizers will assign them to teams to ensure fair and balanced competition.


Players may need to register in advance for the tournament to secure their spot. Teams may also need to provide information about their team members, such as names and contact details.


The tournament schedule, including game times and matchups, will be provided to participants in advance. Games typically take place on every Friday nights


Players should bring appropriate basketball attire and footwear. The event organizers will provide basketballs and may have referees or volunteers to officiate games.

Social Aspect

These events are often as much about socializing and having fun as they are about competitive basketball.


Ultimately, Friday night basketball tournaments aim to provide an enjoyable experience for basketball enthusiasts of all skill levels.


Some Friday night basketball tournaments offer prizes or awards for winning teams or standout players.

How it works:

Rules and Regulations

The tournament will have specific rules and regulations that all participants must adhere to, including game duration, scoring, fouls, and any other relevant guidelines. Teams should be aware of the rules to ensure fair play and sportsmanship.

Tournament Format

The tournament format can vary but typically includes a combination of round-robin group stage and knockout rounds (e.g., single-elimination playoffs). Teams play a series of games against each other in their respective groups during the round-robin stage. The results determine seeding for the playoff rounds

Game Duration

Game durations can vary but are often shorter than traditional 5-on-5 games to accommodate multiple matches in a single day. Typical game durations range from 8 minutes per half.


Scoring is usually similar to standard basketball but modified, with no three points and everything count as two-point goals, except during foul shot of a one-point free throws. Some tournaments might have variations in scoring rules, so it's essential to check the specific rules for the event. All score standing will be posted in the THRIVE Basketball Website

Wednesday THRIVEFest

Wednesday THRIVEFest - 3 X 3 TOURNAMENT

To save your spot, kindly e-transfer the registration fee to THRIVEBASKETBALLCLUB@GMAIL.COM
with the players name in the message
We will confirm the registration in the next 48 hours.


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